Teacher-Tested Technology Resources for Remote/Virtual Education

The following are teacher-tested resources that participants and instructors in various UDL courses Thea has taught and/or co-taught have tested, revised, and incorporated into their practice.  Enjoy!

Google Forms:

Thanks to my seventh grade colleagues for using Google Forms for math applications and SEL feedback under remote emergency education.


Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 6.26.23 PM.png

  • Thanks to Julie Spang (Lexington), Juliet Larke (GCVS), and Shannon Beauregard (GCVS) for presenting this Professional Development on Kami, a tool they use to edit PDFs, share them with students, and monitor student work in real time.



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  • Thanks to Julie Spang, co-teacher extraordinaire, for this Professional Development on SeeSaw from our Summer 2020 UDL course.

Google Draw/Google Slides:

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  • Thanks to Julie Spang, co-teacher extraordinaire, for this PD on Google Draw/Google Slides from our Summer 2020 UDL course.






Teacher Recommendations:

Do you have a program you really love and have been using with great success in virtual education and/or remote learning?  If so, email Thea and let her know about your experience and we can add you here.

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My name is Meghan and I teach kindergarten in Lexington, MA. I recently learned about a tool called Screencastify. It is a Google Chrome extension. This tool is amazing. It allows you to record a video showing your computer screen as well as yourself! This has been an essential tool during my remote learning time. The first reason I love it is because students see you and hear your voice. It connects you to your students so they feel you are there with them. I also love it because your students can see close up what you are showing them!. I started out recording myself doing read alouds and holding the book up to the camera. It was so hard for students to see! Using Screencastify allowed me to use an e-reader. Students could see all the details in the pictures and follow along with the words. Many students loved being able to see my facial expressions. When I was explaining work that needed to be done, again I was holding it up to the camera and it was hard for students to see. Screencastify allows me to show them the document, review, and point things out all while they could see and hear me. What an awesome tool! Other ways I have used it are: to share work I have completed for a graduate class with the teacher, share/discuss work with colleagues and troubleshoot with my digital learning coach! The uses are endless. Here is an example of a read aloud as well as showing the students work they needed to do connected to the story!

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Katie Bonitatibus (Lexington, MA) shares her experiences with Wordwall in this video.