Jamboard Feedback

My latest obsession is Google Jamboard. Although I still haven't quite been able to put my finger on what makes it different, not quite just PearDeck-plus-Slides and not quite just anything else, I know that the "feel" of using it in class has led to a high level of engagement from the students, which is… Continue reading Jamboard Feedback


Empowering for Independence and Engagement

I joined the teaching staff of a virtual school at the very end of August 2020. My previous district had been a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) district and Google Classroom followed us into the brave new world of remote education under COVID. I created daily posts in Classroom, expected my students to work together… Continue reading Empowering for Independence and Engagement


To Space and Beyond

Part of my work this year at my new school is to support any teacher who is looking for help with implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL). It has been a pleasure to work with Jack Czajkowski (8th grade science) and his student teacher, Chrystal Zajchowski. This vocabulary Jamboard, designed by Chrystal, is just gorgeous:… Continue reading To Space and Beyond


Co-Teaching: moving beyond the six models

I struggle with some of the co-planning models, or maybe with the overall/underlying assumption inherent in co-planning models, that seems to say that the goal is for both teachers to be equal in all aspects of the teaching.  I think the teachers should be equally valued, equally heard, equally able to give input, equally engaged… Continue reading Co-Teaching: moving beyond the six models


Expanding Desmos Beyond Math

It may be a bit of sacrilege to use Desmos, the ultra high-quality math resource, to make a science card sort....but that is exactly what I found myself doing a few weeks ago! The topic was "Shaping Earth," which was a very vocabulary-heavy unit looking at topics like erosion, cut points, superposition, and so on.… Continue reading Expanding Desmos Beyond Math


Measuring Engagement

Feedback. The first time I heard, in my prior district, that I needed to collect feedback from parents and students, I seriously started contemplating whether I needed to find a new district. After all, I already spent an insane amount of time doing so much work beyond the minimum....all I could think was "I really… Continue reading Measuring Engagement



Things I'm reading, listening to, finding interesting, finding challenging... Article: Asynchronous Learning or Live Lessons? Which One Works Better for Me?Blog: Code Switch Blog: Nice White ParentsTedTalk: Why We Need Universal Design | Michael Nesmith | TEDxBoulderBlog Post: To Turn the Camera on or not? THAT is the Question.Resource: various UDL resources from Novak Education… Continue reading Inspirations


Keeping it Simple…then Reusing

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I'm a huge fan of "reusing" or "recycling" a structure once I find one that is working well. You probably also know that I have become a huge fan of Google's Jamboards, largely for their ability to lead students… Continue reading Keeping it Simple…then Reusing


More Jammin’

I'm continuing to hear from students that they want more Jamboards, so I'm taking on the challenge. My co-teacher suggested that we could add ratios as a topic in our upcoming Do Now's and the idea immediately fired my imagination for Jamboards because of the potential to create symbols, move things around, build ratios, etc.… Continue reading More Jammin’

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Living Inside Virtual Education

After nine years with the same district, I left in August to take a job in a virtual school. The reasons are many and many both including and beyond COVID and health risks, but one of them is because I believe in the need for virtual education, but I also believe in helping to make… Continue reading Living Inside Virtual Education