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Keeping it Simple…then Reusing

If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you probably know that I’m a huge fan of “reusing” or “recycling” a structure once I find one that is working well. You probably also know that I have become a huge fan of Google’s Jamboards, largely for their ability to lead students to work together cooperatively, even in remote/virtual education. To be honest, I haven’t quite figured out what it is about Jamboards that are so different, so not just “oh, I can do that with Google Slides and PearDeck and I can set it as self-paced and it’s the same thing.” Somehow, it’s not. I am planning to ask students soon about what is working with the Jamboards (and what is not) and why–I hope they will be able to help me tease out the “what works” so I can bring that to other applications, too.

For this next set of Jamboards, I returned to our recently learned content of graphing in all four quadrants and then reflecting over the x– or y-axes. Since this had been a very challenging topic, I started with reflecting over a single, fixed axis:

In the next version, I had the same instructions, but over the other axis:

The third time, I went for the more open-ended, more student-centered version–choose your own axis:

After I try it with the kids, this is the version I will use repeatedly; they need to review graphing repeatedly, so it will go into rotation, like operations with fractions, as a topic we use on a regular basis. Based on the first time, when the kids only had to reflect over one axis and most did two or three points successfully (which went beyond the instructions and expectations), I think they will be able to take on the open-ended version successfully.

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