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More Jammin’

I’m continuing to hear from students that they want more Jamboards, so I’m taking on the challenge. My co-teacher suggested that we could add ratios as a topic in our upcoming Do Now’s and the idea immediately fired my imagination for Jamboards because of the potential to create symbols, move things around, build ratios, etc.

I began by building a how-to page for the students, since we hadn’t worked with symbols in Jamboard before:

I then realized I did NOT want students erasing this page, so I took a screenshot of it, uploaded it, and then made it the background, so it can’t be erased–this is a relatively new feature in Jamboard, being able to use “any image” as the background. I can see how this will probably be very useful.

Then, I built simple instructions:

When I liked my instructions, I made six copies (one per group), added a feedback page, and made three copies of the entire Jamboard, one for January, one for February, and one for March. I think there will be enough variety and flexibility and choice for students to come back to this very same Jamboard/set of instructions and still have new work to do each time. I can’t wait to try it!

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