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“I miss school.  Congratulations universe, you win.”

Last week, I shared visual feedback from my Extended classes, the ones that learned 8th grade content during remote emergency learning.  This week, I have included many of the same visual data, alone with some key (or just entertaining) quotes from the students across all classes.  It is interesting to look at the overlaps that were common across both levels, as well as the areas that were more of an issue with one or the other.

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 12.23.08 PM

Scale:  1–I hated it; 4–I loved it.

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 12.23.16 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 12.23.46 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 12.23.56 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 12.24.04 PM

And now, in their own words:

“I have learned that even though I THNK that I can organize my work in my head, I can’t and it won’t end very well.”

“I learned that I need to be more open to extra work because it helps a lot.”

“I never knew I liked school so much.”

“A suggestion is to have a mid week check in but the grade doesn’t count as a grade.”

“I the Mighty Flumph have great respect towards you for you have retained your sanity through having a math class.”  (Clearly I fooled him!  Sanity?  What is sanity?!?!)

“The schedule was great for me honestly.”

“During quarantine, I felt like I taught myself to be more organized with schoolwork.”

“The schedule was fine just a little bland.”

“I have grown as a student…”

“I learned that I am capable of presevering [sic].  The online learning got hard at times, but I got through it.  In school in the future, I won’t be scared of presevering [sic] through hard tasks.”

“One thing I have learned about myself AS A LEARNER is that I can still learn even though I’m in a different environment and not sitting in a class but at home looking through a screen.  I have learned that I can do school at home and what it is like to be doing it at home.  So if something like this were to ever happen again I’m prepared for whats heading my way.  One thing I have learned about myself AS A PERSON is that I really enjoy going out with all my friends and family…I learned that we had it good before all this…Now I know that I actually love school…”

“I miss school.  Congratulations universe, you win.”

“One thing I have learned I have learned about myself as a student is that if I can make it through a school year this weird I can make it through any school year.  One thing that I have learned about myself as a person is to be thankful of what I have.”


And what more is there to say than that?  Much love to my students….you made it, we made, and we can do it again when needed.

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